Top 5 best affiliate marketing tracking tools

Normally, publishers only consider that there is value in a campaign to promote when they know the CR% and EPC. If they consider that the CR% is not good enough, then the campaign might not be considered as a great opportunity to test. So let’s look at what’s behind the CR%?

What puts affiliates off trying something new that’s not been burned out? Is there any secret tip to discover when a campaign can bring success such as a long term promotion? Is it possible to go one step further before a campaign dies, have all the angles been tried? 

Tracking Tools are the best chance you have to reliably and effectively push your promotion forward thanks to their integrated features and tracking solutions. If you have experience with CPA marketing, you should know that performance is the main base and goal you are aiming for. In this way, achieving a high CR% will be your daily goal since you’re focused on driving your investment to a positive ROI. So, how do you find the way to get there? 

Tracking tools are the solution to address the needs of any publisher who is willing to improve and optimize their traffic to get to know where a campaign wavers and how to strengthen any flaws with the clear goal of making it profitable!

What is a tracking tool?

Basically, a tracking tool is a software system that allows the tracking and storing of any information added into a postback link which connects with 3 things: Traffic Source, Tracker Platform and Affiliate Network. Tracking Tools, also called Trackers, provide you with a wide range of valuable data which will be crucial to understanding how to make your campaigns work effectively and how you can boost their performance. All this data is crucial for any optimization for your promotion.

There are many trackers on the market which differ by the features, usability and user experience. However, all of them provide tracking actions to analyse and optimize any campaign, such as:

  • Nº clicks, nº conversions, CR%, confirmed sales, sub sources, CTR%… in real-time
  • Breakdown of the performance
  • Traffic and targeting distribution
  • Blacklist non-working sources
  • Best performing traffic sources
  • Best converting placement, creative, time, country, device, etc.
  • Investment earnings (ROI)

TORO to the rescue!

TORO Advertising is aware of the daily challenges affiliates can experience trying to analyse and optimize their campaigns. TORO Advertising wants to boost your revenue opportunities so we have partnered with the top 5 tracking tools to give special discounts to our clients!

RedTrack is an awarded ad tracking and conversion attribution solution which consolidates data across all channels and campaigns. As a result, the tracker helps companies to invest in paid ads to maximize revenue and solve issues such as; delay and inaccurate decisions, waste of time and money because of bad scheduling, loss of opportunities, etc.


  • Track all your campaigns across all channels with accuracy and transparency
  • Control data on impressions, clicks and conversions in real-time
  • Manage your team, share data with peers and customers
  • Automate your media-buying and reporting activities

In addition to a 14 day free trial, the promocode guarantees a 20% discount during the first 2 months with any RedTrack subscription.

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PeerClick is an affiliate tracking platform which provides you with profound data analytics and AI-powered optimization tools to maximize your revenue from your traffic sources. PeerClick includes tracking solutions which track advertising campaigns, analyse data for viable insights, optimize ad performance, scale up your affiliate business and more.


  • Control delays and slow loading of pages which can lead to a loss of traffic
  • Identify suspicious and fraudulent traffic
  • Distribute traffic to your best performing offers
  • Track and empower the customer lifecycle (LTV)

PeerClick is offering an incredible Life-Time Free Plan which includes 100,000 events! There is no limit to how long you can use this plan.

After trying the free plan, if you decide to take out a paid plan with PeerClick, use the promo code to get $50 off any plan you purchase!


Here is the Integration Set Up Guide for TORO Advertising clients

BeMob is a cloud-based performance tracking platform for media-buyers and affiliate marketers. The all-in-one tracking tool is well-known for its easy usability and friendly user experience. BeMob helps marketers to easily track their ad campaigns in one place with many features created for analysing and optimizing. Additionally, the tracker provides Workspaces to those who work as a team, so can access shared information to improve their teamwork.


  • Get known your target audience to get the highest ROI
  • Auto control your traffic in order to scale up and maximize results
  • Detect fraud and block bots to ensure you only get high-quality traffic
  • Launch and stop campaigns directly without logging in to your traffic source account

TORO Advertising offers a 25% off discount for 1 month with BeMob on any paid plan + access to free tools. Basic plan +1 million events to newly registered users who join up to the paid plan.

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Binom is a self-hosted tracking platform which rapidly processes the clicks to build reports with lightning speed. Consequently, you are able to increase your efficiency based on saving time and money. Binom is well-known for its easy and flexible user interface including the long list of powerful features that it has integrated; click processing, analytics, traffic distribution, organization and more.


  • Track with more than 20 click metrics and handle millions of clicks per day
  • Simultaneously filter your reports on multiple levels
  • Generate white & black lists
  • Create your funnel to control and distribute traffic

Use the promo code to get a free 30-day access to the tracker and a 70% discount on your first month’s subscription.

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Voluum is an affiliate tracking platform recommended by many marketers around the world as it allows them to track, optimize & automate campaigns with over 40 traffic sources. All ad formats are covered including: display, native, pop, push, email, search, video, etc. Voluum tracks them all! Additionally, this tracker is well known for its superfast reporting and its automizer feature which allows you to create custom rules to automate actions when your campaign performance suddenly changes. This way you will be able to update your campaign immediately.


  • Track over 30 metrics related to each visit, click, conversions, etc. in real-time.
  • Find the most profitable combinations of ads and landing pages for your campaigns
  • Automatically redirect your leads to another offer when the first one reaches the limit
  • Identify which campaign paths perform better and automatically run A/B tests

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