Our Online Business Directory is open! – East of England Agricultural Society

The Society is pleased to launch a new free online business directory on our website aimed at promoting key local and national businesses in the agri and allied sector.

The East of England Agricultural Society’s core objective is centred around supporting and promoting agriculture and rural life in the East of England. One way that we wanted to fulfil this objective was to start a database of key organisations and charities that offer products and services that we feel could be relevant to our members and the wider public. We aim to update and expand on this throughout the year.

We have a range of businesses listed from local farm shops and mental health farming charities to national consultancy firms and agri-tech companies. The page shows a short bio of each company along with contact details and social media links to stay up to date with their activities. This area of website expansion replaces our previous ‘Members Marketplace’ to encompass businesses outside of just our core membership that we believe are doing great work and deserve to be highlighted in a space on our website.

If you were wondering how you could feature your businesses on our website then it is as simple as filling in the Google form which can be found here. We must emphasise that there is no cost to feature on our website, where your business aligns with our core objective of promoting agriculture and rural life in the East of England.

Please share this information with any agricultural-related businesses and charities that you think could benefit from featuring in our directory.

Our online business directory can be found by clicking here or clicking on “Online Business Directory” under the “Members” tab in our navigation bar. We hope you find it useful!

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