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7 Ways To Sell Your Online Course Without An Email List

Think you can’t hope to make sales simply because you have no list to promote to? This kind of self-sabotaging thought is what holds many promising coaches and entrepreneurs back from creating great things. They believe that without a ready-made audience, there’s no hope for sales, and therefore, what’s the […]

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Decide The Best Marketing Mix for Your Online Course Launch

There are so many strategies you can employ in publicizing your eCourse launch. Podcasts, interviews, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, email mini-courses, webinars, eBooks, contests, Facebook Pages, Facebook advertising, closed beta-launches … you name it, your competitors have done it! So how do you decide on the best marketing mix for […]

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Creating and Marketing Your eCourse Successfully

You don’t need to put off waiting until you have a huge list to launch your eCourse (be realistic—having a large list is a ‘must’ for attracting well-established Joint Venture partners). But even without big-name JV partners, a small list can be twice as powerful as a large one … […]

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How to Keep Your Online Course Launch Simple

Launch strategies are like diets. There are thousands of them and most of them work or sort of work. Whether you are trying to successfully launch your eCourse or try to lose weight, you need to forget about fancy methods and, instead, go back to the basics. Take a moment […]

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